Richelle Ryan


Description We love Italian girls around here. They're all about the two F's -- food and fucking! They go after cock with the same kind of rabid enthusiasm that they do when diving into a big plate of ziti. Richelle Ryan is a nice Italian girl who is stacked with big boobs and a big, firm ass. She also has a laugh like a machine. Don't worry, you won't hear much of it once she's got a cock shoved halfway down her windpipe. Richelle has a fascination with balls and she's DYING to get her mouth all over our boys family jewels and leave lipstick kisses all the way down his dick. She starts by sucking each one of his balls in her mouth with a loud 'pop', but before long, she's working her sexy lips all the way up and down his shaft. She makes his cock disappear down her throat, but it doesn't go easily. This scene is a full-on spitting, gagging mess that leaves Richelle Ryan covered in goo and going back for more.

And you'll love every second of this video...Richelle is molto sexy

Categories Brunette, Blowjob, Fetish, POV, Shaved

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