Paris Beauty


Description Alright, everyone!!! Here\'s another cock training 101 session!!! This Paris bitch is a throat virgin AND a film virgin!!! We get to pop BOTH of her cherries!!! Damn, we are fuckin\' lucky members!! I just KNOW that this whore is thinking \\'Are you sure that it\'s okay for that monster tube steak to be in my throat THAT far?!? What if I choke on it? \'Cause I\'m here for and I intended to please!!! ...Did I do it? Did I make it far enough? Did I shove your big ol\' Cock far enough down my throat? No.......? Well then I\'m just gonna have to cum back and try it again!!! \'Cause I will show you that when you gag me with your Cock, I will fuckin\' love every inch of your rock-hard prick in my throat!!! Do I need a bigger mouth...?\\' NO, Paris, you DO NOT!!! We will stuff that fucking mouth so full that you will have Cock cumming out your ears!! Oh... and when she gets leaned against the bed in the Wall Fuck position, we get to test her gag reflex and make her CHOKE!!! Oh, how I love seeing these girls\' limits get tested.... Sucks and Giggles and limitless fellatio, Neecie



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