Maya Hills


Description Maya Hills is a triple time Throated veteran. Yep, this makes her THIRD scene here at Throated. So why have we had Maya back so many times? As if you even needed to ask! First of all, she\'s an exotic mix of Russian and Eskimo that left her with a sexy accent and a luscious set of lips that look like the gods designed them specifically for mouth-fucking. More importantly, she can deep throat like nobody\'s business and will swallow a Coke can sized cock without batting an eyelash. Maya starts off this video already naked. When you\'ve been here twice before, there\'s no need to tease us with a striptease. By now she knows that all we want to see is her beautiful lips sucking a cock like she\'s going for the Olympic gold. She still turns around to shake that cute booty at us and grin before she goes to work on his cock. She sucks, spits, slurps, and even when she\'s impaling her throat on his cock, she gets every inch into her throat without the slightest hint of a gag. This is the motherfuckin\' motherlode of deep-throat blowjobs! I know men who would crawl through Chernobyl if Maya Hills was waiting on the other side to give them a some mouth sex.

Another gold medal blowjob from Maya Hills

** Monique **



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