Marie Luv


Description Have you ever picked up a black girl and had her sucking on your dick within the hour? No? But I\'m sure you wanted to. Since you couldn\'t pull that shit together, I\'m about to satisfy your craving for chocolate with one of the sweetest pieces of black ass you\'ve ever seen. Marie Luv is every man\'s fantasy ebony princess. Those perky little tits? Mother Nature. That tight little spinner-sized body? Comes from fucking all day. That raspy voice? Well, that probably came from us knocking her voice box loose. Marie Luv is used to handling big dicks, so getting her to deep-throat this was a cakewalk. She kept at it until our stud\'s cock was lodged so far down her windpipe she could barely breathe. Our stud kept pushing past her tonsils to see just how deep Marie could take it and she ate his cock until the tears started streaming and mascara was running down her face. We left her face-fucked and blowing cum bubbles out of her mouth. If you\'ve never had the chance to look down and see a pair of sexy brown lips wrapped around your cock, this Marie Luv Throated video will be a special treat. Be careful you don\'t catch jungle fever!

Yummy, yummy we\'ve got chocolate for your tummy!

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