Mallory Rae Murphy


Description Like the rings on a tree, you can usually tell a girl's age by how far down her throat she can take a cock. So how does an eighteen-year-old learn to suck cock better than women twice her age? Are they teaching Deep Throat 101 instead of Home Economics now? Mallory Rae has only had a few years to perfect her cock-swallowing skills, but she immediately shows us why she should move to the head of the class. She has zero gag reflex and swallows all 10 inches almost immediately. Just like Goldilocks, this big cock is sized 'just right' for her tiny throat. Mallory looks great in POV, but when she deepthroats in the 69 position, it's even more impressive. She goes balls deep until you can see her mouth kissing his ball sac and she leaves a river of drool all the way down his cock. Mallory isn't one to ignore the balls and when she juggles both balls in her mouth, you'll be firing off the skin shooter like a semi-automatic. Mallory Mae is the girl of your Throated dreams.

What a great mouth you have, Mallory!



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She is beyond impressive!
2017-07-04 17:33
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