Jordan Pryce


Description European girls come to California for the sun, the sand, and the sex with hung American guys. I'm not sure exactly where Jordan Pryce is from, but she's a hot girl with an exotic accent. Of course, you can't hear any of that accent when she's got her throat full of cock. With her hard body and massive tits, Jordan is built like a sexbot and she deepthroats Chriss Strokes until there's a river of spit dripping all over her wet tits. But even with his long cock stabbing the back of her throat, this carnivorous European cocksucker keeps asking for more throat poking until she gets both the cock and the last drop of jizz out of his balls. America: come for the cock, stay for the throat fucking.
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man don't know if that accent is fake but whats real is she got a monster dong in her throat! wanna hear her say filthy cock one more time, makes me cum
2018-07-27 19:27
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