Jandi Lin



Description Have you ever wished you had a concubine whose only duty was to suck your cock when you told her to and who never gagged when you pushed past her tonsils? Introducing...Jandi Lin. Her back is covered with a huge Chinese-inspired tattoo of dragons and flowers that ends right above her perfectly round ass. When she takes her clothes off, you don\'t know whether to stare at her back art or her booty. They\'re both pretty fucking amazing if you ask me! Jandi is a newcomer, but she\'s obviously learned to deep throat from the pros. Even though this is only her first time at Throated, Jandi Lin didn\'t need a word of direction. Even if she had, she was sucking our guy\'s dick so hard that he couldn\'t have caught his breath to speak if he wanted to. She runs her tongue from the head of his cock all the way down to his ballsack and juggles his balls in her mouth like a tree squirrel juggling nuts. Our stud keeps his cool for a little while, but when she runs her nails down his torso as she swallowing his cock deep, it makes him squirm like a schoolgirl. You would think with the number of pornstars this guy has fed his meat to, he\'d be able to keep his cool, but little Jandi Lin is the one who leaves him speechless.

Jandi Lin\'s suck skills will make you shiver like a bitch before you empty your balls to this video...




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