Jaelyn Fox



Description It seems like only yesterday when we discovered a teenage Jaelyn Fox and schooled her in the fine art of mouth-fucking. Now she's all grown up and ready to graduate from the school of hard cocks. Instead of listening to her commencement speech, we kicked things off by filling her mouth with the finest piece of tubesteak we could find. Jaelyn comes out of her little bikini top but leaves her plaid skirt on and practically begs to have her tonsils baptized in joy juice. This schoolgirl was so hungry for it that she drooled all over the place and left his cock slick and slippery with her spit. Rather than clean up the mess of spit and drool that she was leaving behind, Jaelyn simply licked her lips and pushes his dick deeper down her tiny throat. Have you ever heard the gurgling sounds of a petite girl choking on something too big for her to swallow? Ahhh...its like music to our ears.

Happy graduation Jaelyn. No cap and gown required!



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That's a start. She left her skirt on, instead of taking off like in 99% of every other porn vid. It's so much hotter when they get fucked with their clothes on.
2016-02-06 01:58
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