Eva Angelina



Description Ladies and gentlemen, member favorite Eva Angelina has returned!!! But this time, she's been THROATED!! Eva is so damn skillful that this guy keeps asking her a myriad of questions and she answers them with a cock stuffed down her throat!! THAT'S talent!!! Don't you agree? It's kinda like when you go to the dentist and you've got a mouth full of cotton and the dentist keeps asking you questions and you're thinking Fuckin-A! I've got my mouth full, fucker! Don't talk to me!! However, we all knew that Eva would earn her rights to that Deep Throater's Chair she was sitting in!! She pushes down the back of her tongue to make room for that Cock and fucks her tonsils!!! All the while, she is just giggling up a storm, highly amused by choking herself with a cock!! And then, we get to place her down in a modified version of the Wall Fuck! She leans against the bed and has her head immobilized so her neck has no choice but to expand out for that big ol' schlong!!! Eva keeps that cock nice and sloppy wet once her throat is all loosened up and she gets to steer that vessel for a while!!! Thank you Eva!! You helped me cum again!!! See you soon!!

Sucks and Giggles,




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