Cherry Poppens


Description We members LOVE poppin\' Cherry Poppens\'s throat!! I\'m so glad they ran across this footage of Cherry in the vault!! I think they said it was stuck to one of her other 6 films that she\'s done for the sites. Anyway, WHAT A FIND!!! No doubt that you guys have already seen this fair-skinned beauty choke on some cock so, you can just assume that this scene will be 100% Classic Cherry!! Dark drippy eyes, and cum-dripping lips - you already know that this girl absolutely loves to take the throttle and throat-fuck HERSELF!! You can sit back and relax for this throating!!! She will choke and gag herself on a rod until tears are streaming down her face!!! You\'ve just gotta love where her heart is!! Since she\'s appeared so many times here on Throated, I can only assume that she loves to suck a cock as much as I do!! Feeling the pulsating veins of a rock-hard cock massage my lips as the shaft intrudes down into my throat cavity just makes my neck beg to be stretched!!! I love the sensation of the head popping through my tonsils and getting a nut busted straight into my stomach!!! Yummy-ness!! -- Licking My Lips, **Neecie**
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I've enjoyed masturbating to Cherry Poppens for over ten years now.
2019-04-11 23:11
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