Camilla Rhodes


Description Camilla starts off this video with a cock already in her mouth and has to take it out just to tell us her name. No need to be polite to us Throated fans -- Camilla *gulp* Rhodes -- we don\'t care what your name is, we just want to see you gag. After all the pleasantries are out of the way, Camilla goes to town on that dick and gives us a full on eye-watering, mascara running, throat fucking scene. Yeah! I just love when these girls stuff their faces with so much cock that they can barely breathe, then look up at you with black rimmed puppy-dog eyes and globs of spit sliding down their faces. Camilla has a wicked gag reflex and you\'ll hear her choking on last night\'s dinner as she takes more and more cock down her throat. Never one to know when to say \'when\', Camilla deep-throats the dick until he has to practically wrestle it out of her mouth and jerk off on her face. After such a messy throat-fucking, do you think Camilla wants to come back? She\'s practically begging for it.

Camilla, you and your throat are welcome back here any day!

Categories Blowjob, Deepthroat, Black



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