Britney Stevens


Description The Girl with the ELASTIC THROAT!!! I've NEVER seen a gal that can take a big ol' dick so well!! I mean, there was NO warming up for Britney Stevens here! 2 minutes into the scene and she's already consumed the WHOLE ROD!!! A mere 6 minutes into it and she's sitting against the bed on the floor in Throated's standout position: The Wall Fuck!! Now this position lands itself in my top favorites! The Wall Fuck is cleverly designed to immobilize the woman's head so that she really has no choice other than to undergo the pressure of every single throat-stretching centimeter of meat!! It's a pussy-dripper for sure!! Britney's elastic throat can withstand even the most strenuous position there is: The Cock Swallower!! That comes up next. Believe you me, The Cock Swallower is an incredibly difficult accomplishment on that Cock and I give Britney mad respect for her skills!!! WoW!! And I hope you ALL pay attention to the fact that Britney is ANOTHER non-gagger!! I really don't think this chick needs any improvement. I'm a great cocksucker myself but I really want Britney to teach me some of her tricks! Elastic throats, wall-fucking and cock swallowing - The embodiment of all that is great about!!!

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Sucha good whore
2018-09-02 02:20
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