Ava Devine



Description What is there to say about Ava Devine that hasn't already been said? Ava might not be as young as some of the other girl's we've had here, but with years come experience and this Asian MILF is a true pig for cum and cock. If there was ever one girl who you knew was going to be sure to get every inch down her throat, she is it. Ava kept up a steady stream of 'slut speak' until we closed her yapping maw with some meat. We told our stunt cock to make this a 'take no prisoners' throat fucking and he drives Ava's head down and battered her mouth with no mercy on her poor throat. He shoved his cock down her windpipe and held it there until the hungry bitch was frothing at the mouth. Ava could barely choke out the words 'I love your cock in my throat' before he was going back in and slapping his balls on her chin. Wait until you see her esophagus expanding to swallow all that cock. The only complaint you should have about this video is that there isn't MORE OF IT! Hey, he had to cum sometime...

Oink, oink Ava!


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Ava is the best cocksucker in the world!
2017-05-07 13:16
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