Ashley Blue


Description Ashley Blue is bringing back THE CHOKE!!! (She says she\'s perfecting it too and, I have to agree!) If you\'re looking for spit and slobber and throat stretching beyond what you think is possible then, Ashley will certainly win your heart!! Oh man, this chick means business!! She tells us her name and then proudly declares that she is here to be THROATED!! There\'s no dickin\' around with Ashley! She heads straight for the thick of it all!! Ashley is already drooling from cramming that dildo down her throat not even 45 seconds into the scene!! And then she\'s got her whole damn hand down her throat, gagging herself, getting her throat ready!! Over 5 years in the biz has done her well! (And us, too, as members of!) Once Ashley\'s throat is all loosened up (which doesn\'t take long) she swallows that Cock all day!! I know Ashley will have a seriously sore throat tomorrow!! She says she\'s bruised at the back of it! Girl, I know the feeling! Whenever I wake up with a sore throat in the morning, I smile and remember that I swallowed a big hard schlong all night long! I lick my lips in memory of the sensations of a dick cutting off my air supply until I gag and gasp for air!! Then, I fantasize about a cock popping in and out of my voice box again soon!! I finally rub my clit, get my morning orgasm, pop a throat lozenge in my mouth and go hunting for another rod to ravage my throat again!! Hey Ashley, wanna join me in my Throated Adventures?? --- Sucks and Giggles, **Neecie**


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She can create a river of drool any day on my cock.
2017-06-04 19:49
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