Angelina Valentine #2


Description Angelina Valentine ain't the kind of girl you'd take home to meet mom. She looks like a total pornstar fuckslut -- huge tits, tattoos, and juicy DSLs. Angelina is a nymphomaniac freak who would probably be in sex rehab if she wasn't a pornstar. And we LOVE her! It's been a while since Angelina did her first Throated scene. We lost track of her for a while and I'm sure she was off somewhere fucking her way across America...but now she's back and hornier than ever. Angelina loves guys with tattoos, so we found her one with a big dick and lots of ink. Angelina has won awards for her deepthroat and when you watch this video, you'll know why. She goes 'all in' from the tip to the scrote with one long swallow. Keep your cum rags close...Angelina is amazing.
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This is an awesome vid Angelina can inhale huge thick cocks like no other slut. She is so beautiful with a cock in her mouth. Is she still in the biz, any chance to bring her back for Throated? Give her a giant cock to swallow--she can take it!
2018-06-07 16:38
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