Aarielle Alexis



Description I am IN LOVE with this chick!!! She reminds me so much of myself!! A first timer and a true submissive, Arielle just absolutely LOVES the Cock!!! She starts off in the Deep Throater\'s Chair and she rightfully belongs there!! So, lets get that Cock in her mouth and see how well she earns the privilege to The Chair! Oh WoW!!! Good girl!! She gets all the way down, first try!! And then, OH! He caught her gag reflex!! Arielle keeps on going, getting so horny that she can\'t keep her panties on and longer and has to rub her pussy!!! Holy Shit!! Her snatch is so damn wet and she chokes as she cums only minutes later!! Arielle is so damn horny from all this cocksucking that she\'s down for anything\' she begs to just look at that Dick while she plays with herself!! Then, Arielle gets on all fours and fucks her throat real hard!! You can tell that sonofabitch is stretching out her throat!! But wait - the scene is far from over!! Arielle lies on her back and asks for him to hurt her throat!!! Well, your wish is our command!! Does it hurt yet?!? My throat sure would!! And after all of that, Arielle STILL orgasms multiple times!!! I can\'t wait to see this chick again and again!!!

Deep Throatings, Giggles and Cheer,



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