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Chanel is a sexy mature performer who is undoubtedly one of the best as a MILF and also in general. As for tattoos, she doesn't have that many and they are not always very noticeable. Personally, I don't find that they add or take away from her beauty or the action, Chanel is an amazing beauty and she always does an amazing job. There are other women however, whose beauty is most definitely obscured by tattoos mainly because they are walking mosaics, they just have too many. Or in other cases because the few they do have are in poor taste. Not the case with Chanel. Case closed.
2018-09-10 14:00
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I agree on the tattoos. As always, they reduce the woman's beauty. But what is more sad is that the beautiful Chanel stuffed her tits with silicone! Admittedly one of the better 'boob jobs', but they still look unnatural.
2018-05-24 06:09
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I fully agree with you ... it doesn't bring any added value, on the contrary !
2016-12-07 13:19
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Unsightly shoulder tattoos. Don't understand how someone can think that actually enhances their appearance. Not a good look. Won't bother watching this video.
2016-11-25 14:05
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Chanel Preston is gorgeous. Your loss in not viewing.
2018-03-23 01:41
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