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Alec is a fresh young male porn star who brings a sense of excitement to his hardcore appearances. Alec's a good looking and nicely built fellow whose lusty exuberance has made him a favorite of his fellow performers. He's always ready for action and really gives off the impression that he realizes just what a great job he actually has. His full-throttle sexual style has been on display in over 50 features since his debut in 1995. Alec's known as quite a ladies' man in real life, and he's had lengthy relationships with several top-flight porn starlets since he broke into the business. Right after getting into porn, in fact, Alec hooked up with Houston, and the two enjoyed a quite serious fling. Alec went so far as to leave the porno racket for a few months to dedicate himself to his busty gal pal. Alas, things didn't work out, but the couple left behind quite a few steamy scenes. Check out the amazingly torrid romp between Alec and Houston in 'Carnal Invasions' for a taste of one of the most fiery couples in 90's hardcore. Alec's been increasingly busy over the past year or so, turning in hard-charging performances in flicks like 'Shane's World #07.' Alec's girl-grabbing charms are at it again, and he's currently dating rising pornstress Raylene. The two turn in some deliciously decadent work together in 'Cafe Flesh #02.' Alec is one of the real rising stars of the porn stud world, and promises to stay busy for as long as he chooses to stick around the biz.

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